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Refining Your Target Customer


Helping an entrepreneur and his/her team capitalize on years of hard work via a successful exit is what makes my job rewarding. A big “Congratulations!” is in order for the team at Clockwise.MD. It has been a privilege working with you all and I know you will continue to kill it going forward. And now to the newsletter… Topic of the Week: Refining Your Target Market I have a...

Zombie Thought Leaders


Diversity must be top of mind for many of you. I received a record amount of feedback on the diversity newsletter last week.  While I can’t share all of it here, I did want to highlight a few comments: “As the research you highlighted points out, diversity is critical to creating value in an organization. Having the perspective brought by diversity is important in developing an...

When Diversity Doesn’t Matter


I’ve been blown away by the level of engagement from you all. Folks are passing this along to colleagues, clicking through to links and resources at an insane rate, and sharing feedback. Let’s keep it going! If you have feedback, resources or events to share, please let me know and I’ll include them in the community section. And now to the newsletter… Topic of the Week: When...

The Art of Positioning


I appreciate everyone’s feedback on the first newsletter. Thankfully, it was overwhelmingly positive. You all liked that it was quick, to the point, included links to supporting information and focused on topics that matter to most people. I’ll try to keep it that way unless I hear otherwise. If you enjoyed the newsletter, please forward this on to your colleagues and friends. They...

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