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M&A Resource: Macabacus


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Since I’m sure only 10% of you are checking emails today, I’ll keep it short. And now to the newsletter… Macabacus While Macabacus sounds like a spell from a Harry Potter movie, it’s not. Macabacus has a free online reference guide for M&A and corporate finance topics.  It was designed for aspiring investment bankers and private equity associates...

Everyday Cyber Security


I know. I know. I failed to get a newsletter out last week. I’d like to say it will be the last time this happens, but we all know I can’t make that promise. Travel + Dead Laptop + No Power Cord = No Newsletter Feedback from the Doom and Gloom newsletter is at the end in the “Community Section.” And now to the newsletter… Topic of the Week: Everyday Cyber Security Oops, by...

Economic Doom and Gloom?


  Topic of the Week: Economic Doom and Gloom? The stock market is at an all-time high. The Fed is bullish. Consumer confidence has surpassed pre-recession levels. A former sexting app, now camera company, went public at a $28B valuation. By all accounts, 2017 is off with a bang. Basic economic theory tells us this ride won’t last forever. However, there is an overwhelming market...

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