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I cannot believe it has been another week. This week flew by.  Before your start your weekend, here is today’s newsletter: Topic of the Week: My Favorite Things – Daily Newsletters In a recent investment committee meeting, I was accused of being incapable of excitement.  If my memory serves me correctly, I even had to defend my level of excitement on my wedding day.  To set the record...



Happy Friday everyone!  I’m off to Asheville, NC for the weekend. But first, the newsletter… Topic of the Week: TAM & PAM I realized something this week.  I could be the 47th president of the United States. Sure, I have no political experience, and there are probably incriminating photos of me hiding all over the internet that would wreck my campaign, but in theory, I could be your 47th...

Somethin’s Cookin’


  Topic of the Week: Somethin’s Cookin’ For those that have been following the newsletter, you may recall me using Blue Apron’s rumored IPO as a way to talk about positioning. As of last week, Groupon’s, er, I mean, Blue Apron’s IPO is no longer a rumor.  It’s official, which makes Blue Apron the first meal delivery unicorn scheduled to go public.  In typical finance nerd...

“Difficult to Work With”


I wanted to share a bizarre and hilarious email that one of my husband’s friends received from a prospective job applicant.  It’s timely given this week’s topic (names have been changed): Dear Jimmy, My interest is weening And my mind is not set. I hate to just do this But I gotta accept: I’m not passionate about this position I’ve found something else. It’s...

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