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Artificial Intelligence


Today’s newsletter serves no other purpose than to be a momentary distraction.  I’ll resume normal course next week. Now, to your distraction: Topic of the Week: Artificial Intelligence I am thoroughly amused by Artificial Intelligence right now. First, I find the current debate between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk fascinating.  In case you’re getting up to speed, here’s my quick...

Rules For Professional Communication


Before we dive into this week’s topic, I want to share a piece of feedback from last week that I found particularly amusing. In short, my friend asserted that the situation “my friend” encountered was a brilliant strategic move in order for the the company to become profitable. Here’s his take on the strategy: “First, underpay and abuse the drivers.  This leads to...

Customer Disservice


Topic of the Week: Customer Disservice Let’s talk about a situation that happened to “my friend” last week with a certain ride sharing app. Let’s call this app “Shmuber” to maintain anonymity and avoid a defamation lawsuit. Here’s what happened: My friend was charged an extra fee. My friend disputed the fee. Shmuber’s support team politely rejected my friend’s request three separate times.  My...

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