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Visible Revenue


Topic of the Week: Visible Revenue Some people think finance professionals lack creativity. I’d like to put that notion to bed once and for all. I’ve seen first-hand the level of creativity finance professionals utilize when creating financial projections. In fact, I would say the only way some of these professionals can put these projections in front of others, is that they believe in Fairy...

Trademark Database


After last week’s ICO newsletter, I received a lot of feedback. Some positive. Some negative. Instead of sharing it all, I wanted to share one follow-up comment: The cost of launching a legitimate ICO is nothing to scoff at. Blockchain development resources are expensive, lawyer fees to navigate regulator issues are expensive and marketing is expensive. So, when I said “anyone can...

ICOs and Buried Treasure


My heart and thoughts go out to all those impacted by Harvey.  If you haven’t donated to any relief efforts yet, please do so. Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: ICOs and Buried Treasure? We are exploring launching an ICO for a new project.  Before we dive into the details of our project, here’s a quick primer on ICOs. Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) are a means of crowdfunding via...

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