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Strong Margin Profile


Thank you to everyone who filled out the social media survey last week. If you recall, I asked you what social media networks you use on a weekly basis. Here are the results: 80% of folks use Linkedin 60% of folks use Facebook 48% of folks use Instagram 36% of folks use Twitter. (This surprised me, I was expecting Twitter to be higher based on my addiction.) 9% of folks use Snapchat (I’m assuming...

Energy and Spirituality Metrics


I received great feedback on last week’s topic on NDA Aversion.  I didn’t have time to organize it all for distribution this week, but I will have it done by next week. Topic of the Week: Energy and Spirituality Metrics A few days ago, the entire field of finance was disrupted.  It will never be the same. What am I talking about? Adam Neumann, the CEO of WeWork, discovered a...

NDA Aversion


  Topic of the Week: NDA Aversion Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”) are common practice in private equity. No NDA, no info. It’s simple. The majority of the venture capital industry doesn’t buy into this practice. In fact, most prominent VCs publically state they won’t sign an NDA. By asking for one, you look like an amateur who doesn’t understand how to raise capital. Their words, not mine...

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