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Getting Every Last Drop of Value


Top of the morning to ya! Topic of the Week: Getting Every Last Drop of Value I love saving money as much as the next person.  There is just something fulfilling about getting every last drop of value out of something. For example, I’m currently at war with my overpriced face lotion.  Each morning, I wake up and think, “Today is the day. Today, I will finally extract the last drop of this organic...

What Employees Want


In case you missed my not so subtle hints in past newsletters or on Twitter, I’m exactly 1 million weeks pregnant right now.  I’ll be taking a short maternity leave and I’m looking for a few folks who are interested in guest writing a ROND Report while I’m out. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I can give you more details. Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the...

Spotify’s IPO(ish)


No opening ramble today. Straight to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: Spotify’s IPO(ish) Spotify formally announced its plans to go public.  You can find the From F-1 here. While $4B of revenue, 40% revenue growth and 40% market share are all compelling data points, the focal point of this deal is “how” Spotify plans to go public. Instead of a traditional IPO, Spotify is directly listing...

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