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Guest Post By Andrew Goldner: Cap Tables


Topic of the Week: Cap Tables Hi Everyone, Andrew Goldner here. With Danielle busy increasing our population by one (congrats, Danielle!), I’ve stepped in with a guest post. I’m a Founding Partner of GrowthX, a Silicon Valley seed-stage venture capital fund. At GrowthX, we believe founders shouldn’t have to leave their homes to build great companies. That’s why we’re investing heavily outside of...

Psychology of Waiting


Okay, folks, this will be my last ROND Report for several weeks.  One way or another, my maternity leave will kick off by Monday. I leave you in good hands with upcoming guest posts on the docket. Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: Psychology of Waiting A few years ago I invested in a great company called Clockwise.MD.  Clockwise provides healthcare companies with a queue management tool...

Rules for Data Analysis


I’m 9 days from my due date.  At this point, my life has become one big game of “will I be able to get out of this chair without assistance.” I have some great guest posts teed up for you all while I’m on maternity leave.  I can’t wait for the ROND Report readers to get a break from my ramblings and hear from the guest writers.  Thanks again to everyone who has...

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