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This Tool Saved Me A lot of Time


When performing diligence on investment opportunities, I sometimes have to analyze a lot of location data.
This week I stumbled across a tool that helped me better present location data.  The tool is called Mapline (click for link). It served my needs well.
If you need to work with maps and locations, you should check it out.
Have a great weekend everyone!

This Machine is Trying to Take my Job


Wow. I am blown away by how many of you stepped up to help me prank my husband last week. We had him going there. He was convinced Craigslist accidentally gave out his number with the wrong ad. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, I could not contain my giggling and he figured it out fairly quickly. However, this was the prank that kept giving. Even though he knew it was a prank, every time a text...

Need Your Support Today


I’m lake-side in northern Indiana for the O’Rourke annual family gathering. I know my newsletter delivery has been spotty (aka non-existent) the last few weeks. I’m hoping that is resolved going forward. Now, to today’s topic: Topic of the Week: Activating Your Customers There is a hysterical focus right now on escooter startups. Combined, escooter startups such as Bird...

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