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It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the impending death of the ROND Report. I know. You’re devastated. For anyone interested in paying respects, we are accepting donations in the form of expensive wines to be delivered to Danielle O’Rourke at 40 Burton Hills Blvd, Suite 100. Here’s what happened: ROND is in the process of unveiling some exciting changes. In coordination with...

Something to Kill Time


I sometimes fall into internet search black holes. By the time I crawl my way out of the hole, I’m tired, hungry, and I’ve wasted a lot of time on unimportant things. I fell into a hole this week when attempting to buy a new website (more to come on that soon). The “.com” “.net” and “.org” versions of my desired domain name were all taken. However, I could purchase “.club,” “.design” “...

The Point of Maximum Ignorance: Guest Post by Colleen Reidelbach


I have one more guest post that came in at the tail end of my maternity leave. I read Colleen’s post a few weeks ago and the opening paragraph really stuck with me.  Every year I reflect on the prior year and get slightly embarrassed by what I didn’t know. I view this as a positive thing. It means that I’m immersing myself in situations where I have the chance to grow and learn...

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