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Drunk Spider Webs


I had such a hard time writing today’s newsletter. I kept going down all these tangents. I did my best to reign it in, but my apologies if it’s somewhat rambling this week. Topic of the Week: Drunk Spider Webs I was in a sorority.  We had a big house that had a three-story entryway.  Once a year, to welcome the new girls, the entryway was transformed into a rainbow-colored, drunken spider web of...

Why We Need Sounding Boards


Several folks have asked me to provide a way for readers to weigh in on the topic each week and see feedback from others. I evaluated many different options and decided to give Instagram shot.  At the bottom of each newsletter, I’m going to include a related question and link to the appropriate IG post on my Candid.CEO account.  Leave your response or whatever else you feel like in the comment...

Cringe Worthy Business Models


There are certain movies I can’t watch. They make me cringe.  They make me want to reach through the TV and shake the main character. For example, in Meet the Parents, why would Ben Stiller ever think it was a good idea to light up a cigarette on a roof and then flick it carelessly away? Why Ben, why? Common sense tells us this is a terrible idea. I’ve been having the same cringy (that’s a word...

I’m Back and Here’s What’s Next


I’m back! Welcome to Candid, a short format newsletter you’ll receive every Friday in your inbox.  Each week I focus on one topic, most will involve growing businesses, investing in companies, current events, or similar topics I find interesting. I try to keep it light, add a bit of snarky humor, and I keep the shameless plugs for ROND at a minimum (after today that is). I won’t use this as a...

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