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VIP Scooters Coming to A City Near You


I didn’t have time last week with the holiday to follow-up on my Alter Work Egos post, so I wanted to do that today. I am truly touched by how many of you reached out sharing your stories and expressing how you related to the post (both men and women).  I think we are all at various stages of being comfortable with who we are in the workplace and it’s a constant process as we are each...

Alter Work Egos


There was so much interest last week in Airtable.  I think it’s clear we are all looking for lower-cost, flexible solutions to solve our day to day workflow and productivity challenges.  If you ever come across other solutions that you find incredibly valuable, please let me know about them! Now to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: Alter Work Egos “What do you do if you don’t like sports...

I Broke Up With Excel


In case you were wondering, Team Danielle smoked Team Seamus last week.  I think some of you may be just a bit biased, but I’ll take the win.  PS – My worst fear is that Seamus one day takes up blogging. Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: I Broke Up With Excel I’m one of those people who use Excel for everything. Analysis – Duh Planning – Yep Tracking my child’s sleep schedule...

Augmented Aesthetics


Before I get to today’s newsletter, I wanted to share the annual letter written by Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital.  It’s a quick read and quite the contrarian take on the current VC climate.  I particularly enjoyed the parallels he highlights between PE/VC and healthcare organizations. Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: Augmented Aesthetics My husband and I take a...

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