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Comical Predictions


We live in a world where we are asked to make predictions. Investors expect businesses to predict revenue and expenditures. We expect industry leaders to predict how innovation will change their industries. I expect my husband to predict what I want to eat. We all gaze into that semi-informed crystal ball and more times than not; the ball is wrong. In fact, with hindsight, many predictions are...

It’s Not Great, But It’s Okay


Based on the feedback I got last week, VIP Scooters are going to be a big hit.  Unfortunately, I had a few of you send me stats from the depths of Reddit that indicate my new empire may not be quite as lucrative as I’d hoped. Now to the Newsletter: Topic of the Week: It’s Not Great, But It’s Okay I grew up with an incredibly handy family.  I’ve written about this before here. In...

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