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Confirmation Bias


I’ve always been fascinated by confirmation bias.  The human minds ability to seek out only information supporting our preconceived hypotheses, while ignoring contradictory information, is impressive. All of us are susceptible to this, and it’s incredibly challenging to mitigate confirmation bias when we are evaluating information.  We live in biased bubbles where it’s easy to confirm what...

The Only S1 You Should Read This Year


WeWork filed to go public this week. Here’s a link to the S1. If you quickly browse the key-points of the offering, it looks fairly standard with what we expect to see in 2019 from one of the most valuable venture-backed businesses, ever.  WeWork has massive revenue growth, mounting losses, and a bold vision for world domination. Yada Yada Yada. We’ve heard this story. However, if...

Personal News


I’ve had a tough time getting back into a consistent routine with my newsletter.  Yesterday, Fred Wilson wrote a post about “streaks” where he flaunts his 16-year blogging streak. This felt like a motivational push / personal attack targeted specifically at me.  I’m committed to getting consistent again, so hang in there just a little longer. Today, I have a personal update. I’ve joined the...

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