Candid Readers’ 2019 Predictions


Thank you to everyone who answered the call and shared their 2019 predictions with me.  Unsurprisingly, there were many folks that had nearly identical predictions, so I filtered out duplication.

Here you go:

General Sentiment

“It can’t get any worse than 2018.”

“2019 will make 2018 look like child’s play.”



“Trump will be impeached.”

“Mike Pence will become the POTUS.”

“Both Trump and Pence will be out of office by year end”

“Beto O’Rourke is going to announce his run for president.”

“California will make a serious attempt to break of from the U.S.”

“Bill Lee will become the Governor of Tennessee.”


Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors will go bankrupt, but his SpaceX entity will do well and rise in value. Elon will then go bat-shit crazy because his empire is crumbling. 

“Elon will go to jail or into hiding.”

“I still struggle with the stupidity that allowed the election of a most hateful, racist, narcissistic sociopath who cares only about vanity, control and power – and who honestly does not even have the capacity to give a crap about anyone else.”

Okay, that last one wasn’t really a prediction, more a vent, but I thought I’d include it anyway.


“Blockchain will gain more ground. You’ll see startups that are well funded and early adopters try and institutionalize it. “

“Bitcoin will reach 20,000.”

“Bitcoin will once again be used to order pizza.”


“My VIP scooter empire is going to go belly up, but not without an epic run.”

“Copycat VIP Scooter Startups will burn through a combined $45B in venture capital.”

“Paid apps with strong privacy policies (and more limited data monetization) will begin to overtake the market share of free apps and services.”

“Amazon will acquire Redfin, and start selling homes directly to consumers with no agents involved.  Prime members will be able to close in 2 days.”

“Uber will beat Lyft to IPO in 2019.  They have to because Lyft is by far the better company.”

“There will be many other direct listings for Unicorns who IPO in 2019 (like Spotify).”

“Facebook is going to rebrand.”


“I suspect the falling market and global recession will prevent the sale of both of my companies planned to happen in 2019.”

“Bank stocks are going to make a comeback. They have been performing terrible this year, but they’ll start to rise again. Now would be a good time to buy since they are at a record low.”

“In the last three months of 2019, there will be a major market correction.”

“The DJIA will hit 20k by year end.”

“The DJIA will rise to 30k.”


“We’ll see more states legalize marijuana, and we’ll see more companies form to try and regulate it. I think these organizations will be unsuccessful until the government openly supports or backs one of these entities.”


“There is going to be surprises in University Rankings in 2019 – as many institutions are introducing new dynamic models of learning to make available better resources to students and beat top ranking institutions!”

“I’m hoping to see a major disruption in post-secondary education, or at least the financial model surrounding it.”


“The migration of people moving to Nashville will slow down.  I don’t mean that the number will diminish, I mean it will literally be slower to move to Nashville, with all the trucks tied up in even more traffic.”


“Cash pay, direct to consumer healthcare models that get around traditional payer/provider contracting are going to make a lot of headway.”

“Lots of consolidation in the digital health sector followed by lots of dying startups finally going out of business.”

“Healthcare will still be expensive.”


“Simba and Nala will be the two most popular dog names as the live action Lion King remake will be the highest grossing movie of all time.”

“Wizards Unite will replace Pokemon Go as the AR gaming leader.”


“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a baby boy and name him Arthur or Spencer.”


“There will be a volcanic eruption in Hawaii (pissing me off because we have plans to go in 2019).”

“I predict that I will have a cocktail well before you.”

Obvious Catch All

“I will be wrong about at least 80% of these predictions.  If I’m wrong about everything, I’ll at least have this one.”

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Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

By Danielle O'Rourke

Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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