I’m Back and Here’s What’s Next


I’m back! Welcome to Candid, a short format newsletter you’ll receive every Friday in your inbox.  Each week I focus on one topic, most will involve growing businesses, investing in companies, current events, or similar topics I find interesting. I try to keep it light, add a bit of snarky humor, and I keep the shameless plugs for ROND at a minimum (after today that is). I won’t use this as a...



It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the impending death of the ROND Report. I know. You’re devastated. For anyone interested in paying respects, we are accepting donations in the form of expensive wines to be delivered to Danielle O’Rourke at 40 Burton Hills Blvd, Suite 100. Here’s what happened: ROND is in the process of unveiling some exciting changes. In coordination with...

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