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The Point of Maximum Ignorance: Guest Post by Colleen Reidelbach


I have one more guest post that came in at the tail end of my maternity leave. I read Colleen’s post a few weeks ago and the opening paragraph really stuck with me.  Every year I reflect on the prior year and get slightly embarrassed by what I didn’t know. I view this as a positive thing. It means that I’m immersing myself in situations where I have the chance to grow and learn...

Does Perfect Exist: Guest Post by Ben Olsen


I love when I see financial firms create valuable digital content.  You can check out the DVS blog: Dealmaking Demystified for more M&A related information. Keep up the great works Ben and team.  – Danielle Now, to today’s Guest ROND Report, which should be the last before I’m back: Topic of the Week: Does Perfect Exist? Do you remember the first time you experienced your...

Three Types of Trust: Guest Post by Kris Kelso


The premise of today’s topic will never become obsolete or outdated. Trust is always crucial to develop and keep in order to build a successful business / career.  Thanks for sharing, Kris. – Danielle Now, to today’s Guest ROND Report: Topic of the Week: Three Types of Trust One of the most important ingredients of a healthy relationship (whether personal or professional) is...

Becoming a Fast-Growth Company: Guest Post by Zac Litwack


I owe an extra thank you to Zac for not only writing a guest post, but for being an invaluable advisor to me as I launched and experimented with the ROND Report over the last year.  Thanks for the always candid and spot-on marketing advice, Zac.   – Danielle Now, to today’s Guest ROND Report: Topic of the Week: Becoming a Fast-Growth Company Unlike Danielle, I don’t offer innovative...

Float Before You Think: Guest Post by Dan McCarthy


I’m so intrigued by today’s topic. I can’t wait to try it out for myself –  Danielle Now, to today’s Guest ROND Report: Topic of the Week: Float Before You Think Are my eyes opened or closed? Does it matter? With every sense neutralized, I’m left only with my thoughts. After the fidgeting stopped, I felt my body supported by the brackish water – twice as much salt as...

Guest Post By Andrew Goldner: Cap Tables


Topic of the Week: Cap Tables Hi Everyone, Andrew Goldner here. With Danielle busy increasing our population by one (congrats, Danielle!), I’ve stepped in with a guest post. I’m a Founding Partner of GrowthX, a Silicon Valley seed-stage venture capital fund. At GrowthX, we believe founders shouldn’t have to leave their homes to build great companies. That’s why we’re investing heavily outside of...

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