Notes and Notion


If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I geek out on apps and productivity tools.  I try out a lot of them and usually abandon most within a few days or even minutes.  But every once in a while I find one that quickly and easily becomes ingrained in my workflow. The most recent of these is Notion. I’m obsessed and I don’t know how I ever functioned without it. I use it for all my note-taking...

Confirmation Bias


I’ve always been fascinated by confirmation bias.  The human minds ability to seek out only information supporting our preconceived hypotheses, while ignoring contradictory information, is impressive. All of us are susceptible to this, and it’s incredibly challenging to mitigate confirmation bias when we are evaluating information.  We live in biased bubbles where it’s easy to confirm what...

The Only S1 You Should Read This Year


WeWork filed to go public this week. Here’s a link to the S1. If you quickly browse the key-points of the offering, it looks fairly standard with what we expect to see in 2019 from one of the most valuable venture-backed businesses, ever.  WeWork has massive revenue growth, mounting losses, and a bold vision for world domination. Yada Yada Yada. We’ve heard this story. However, if...

Personal News


I’ve had a tough time getting back into a consistent routine with my newsletter.  Yesterday, Fred Wilson wrote a post about “streaks” where he flaunts his 16-year blogging streak. This felt like a motivational push / personal attack targeted specifically at me.  I’m committed to getting consistent again, so hang in there just a little longer. Today, I have a personal update. I’ve joined the...

Red Handed Hope


There is no shortage of stories about large corporations using their size and scale to push around smaller businesses.  Most of these stories happened behind closed doors.  Occasionally one makes its way to the public arena via a twitter rant or a legal dispute. In most cases, the big company wins, and the small company loses. But every once in a while we hear a story that instills life back...

Human Synergies


You can call off the search parties and cancel your missing person reports.  I’m alive, and by most standards, I’m doing OKAY. I only planned to take a few weeks off from writing to give myself time to deal with an unexpected and bizarre childcare issue.  I won’t bore you with the details, just know that “Burger King’ is now a verb in the O’Rourke household (see PS. section below for...

Retraining Your Brain


I’m considering changing the distribution day of my newsletter to Monday.  I haven’t officially decided yet. Does anyone have a good reason for me not to?  Now, to the newsletter: Topic of the Week: Retraining Your Brain Sometimes the craziest things are simple and elegant. For example: Several months ago I noticed my friend’s iPhone home screen looked like a rainbow...

Just Another Boring IPO


Let’s get right to the newsletter today: Topic of the Week: Just Another Boring IPO Lyft filed an S1 last week with plans to go public in April at an estimated $20-$25B valuation. As one of Lyfts most valuable customers, I was disappointed that the potential loss of my business didn’t make the S1 as a key business risk.  Other than that, this is probably the most boring unicorn S1 we...

Losing Scarcity Value


Pro tip: If you ever need a good pick me up, just shut down your business and very publicly announce it… In all seriousness, I am blown away by how supportive you all have been over the last two weeks.  I was not expecting the kind of outreach I received.  I think I’ve finally responded to everyone and just want to thank you all again for your kind words, support, and sharing your stories with me...

Time to Move On


Topic of the Week: Time to Move On Let’s not bury the lead with a long-winded opening. Here it is:  I’ve decided to shut down ROND. We will be fulfilling all outstanding client obligations and paying outstanding bills, but after that, we are shutting down operations.  There are so many thoughts and emotions swimming around in my body right now, but gratitude is the most...

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