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I cannot believe it has been another week. This week flew by.  Before your start your weekend, here is today’s newsletter:

Topic of the Week: My Favorite Things – Daily Newsletters

In a recent investment committee meeting, I was accused of being incapable of excitement.  If my memory serves me correctly, I even had to defend my level of excitement on my wedding day.  To set the record straight, I was very excited to marry my husband.

While that investment committee conversation was all in jest, I am aware that I tend to lean negative on many things.  It’s an occupational hazard. I was trained from a baby investment banker to be skeptical and cut through BS.

It’s hard to turn it off.

However, to soften my image for my upcoming presidential run, I decided to sprinkle in newsletters focused on things I like.  In this case, daily doses of information that I find valuable and entertaining.

I subscribe and follow a lot of different content creators.  These two are by far my favorites:

Axios Pro Rata by Dan Primack

I’m a huge fan of Dan Primack’s work.  I originally started following him when he was with Fortune. He joined a new media company called Axios that has a handful of different daily newsletters you can follow.

Dan’s newsletter is a must read for anyone interested in the deal world. He aggregates major deal announcements and provides insightful and entertaining commentary on current events.  He has great scoop and covers venture capital, private equity, M&A, fundraising, etc.

Link to Pro Rata

AVC by Fred Wilson

Fred is a Partner with VC firm Union Square.

Fred describes his daily email with: “This is my diary, my sandbox, my therapist, and more than anything it is my bar where I get to be the bartender. AVC is a place where everyone is welcome and the conversation is civil and lively.”

He writes about everything from companies he works with, cool technology, personal life, entrepreneurial topics and everything in between.

I enjoy it

Link to AVC

Community Suggested Daily Newsletters:

The following newsletters were suggested by subscribers to the ROND Newsletter.

First Round Review

Bloomberg’s Money stuff by Matt Levine

Product Habits by Hiten Shah

Swipe File by Jimmy Daly

Seth Godin’s Blog

NextDraft by Dave Pell

CRAIN’s Nashville (they have other cities as well)

The Skimm

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Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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