Float Before You Think: Guest Post by Dan McCarthy


I’m so intrigued by today’s topic. I can’t wait to try it out for myself –  Danielle

Now, to today’s Guest ROND Report:

Topic of the Week: Float Before You Think

Are my eyes opened or closed?

Does it matter?

With every sense neutralized, I’m left only with my thoughts.

After the fidgeting stopped, I felt my body supported by the brackish water – twice as much salt as the Dead Sea – if my guide was to be believed.

My mind went blank and I giggled aloud –   it must be working…?

Maybe you’re a bit lost, let me explain how I got here.

Compass EAST had our Quarterly Strategy Meeting where our executive team plans short-term goals.  Like every business owner, we struggled with two things: getting in the right headspace to think strategically and escaping the day-to-day tasks that take up many of our working hours.

Open Offices and Open-Door Policies leave little room for planning and strategizing.  Our senses are on overload all day long.

We need to clear our heads of the noise by which every business owner is distracted.  We need to Think Big, but who has time for that? Sometimes, we need to shut down everything.

Enter Floating.

Sixty years ago, Dr. John Lilly invented the isolation tank to study the effects of sensory deprivation on the body and mind.

Some marketing dollars later, it was determined that people disliked being science experiments and loved spas.  The modern float tank allows you to control almost every aspect of your experience.

As a floater, you can choose an open (think hot tub) or closed tank, complete darkness or a dim light, and whether to wear earplugs.  The water temperature is typically between 93-96 degrees.  Your body weight is supported by the salt water.

With so few physical inputs, you are left with little to distract you.

Of the many purported benefits, I felt less anxious, more creative, better able to meditate, and lower back pain relief.  Maybe most importantly, I escaped email, social media, and LCD screens.

I see floatation as one way to remove the chaos and routines that we have created.  What you choose to do once you’re there is up to you.

After 90 minutes, gentle music plays and I’m in a saltwater tank off Thompson Road. This time, with a full outline for our 2018 State of the Company. 

Make time for the important.  You’ll be surprised how the world goes right about its business.

Tips for a Great Float

1.       Don’t drink caffeine

2.       You will be/can be/ get to be naked – go for it, it’s a private room.

3.       Wear the earplugs – I didn’t and still have water in my ears.

4.       Write everything down – you’ll likely have some great ideas by the end of your float – take some time after to jot down reminders before you head out to face the day.

Discount and Disclaimer

This was not a paid endorsement.  Floating had a big impact on me and I wanted to share it with ROND Report readers.

If you’re interested in floating, Float Nashville is offering 20% off your first float.  You can sign up to receive the discount by click on this link: Float Nashville discount.

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Dan McCarthy – Partner at Compass EAST


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Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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