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Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Since I’m sure only 10% of you are checking emails today, I’ll keep it short.

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While Macabacus sounds like a spell from a Harry Potter movie, it’s not.

Macabacus has a free online reference guide for M&A and corporate finance topics.  It was designed for aspiring investment bankers and private equity associates, but is incredibly valuable to anyone who will be involved in buying, selling or investing in a business. It covers topics such as valuation techniques, purchase agreement components, and projection modeling.  

Macabacus also has a full projection model template that you can download. While I wouldn’t use this as my model (It’s high-level), it’s a good starting point for beginners or quick and dirty modeling needs.

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 36/86 is coming up. If you’re hosting an event and want to get the word out, shoot me a link and I’ll include it in next week’s newsletter.

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Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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