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I’m lake-side in northern Indiana for the O’Rourke annual family gathering. I know my newsletter delivery has been spotty (aka non-existent) the last few weeks. I’m hoping that is resolved going forward.

Now, to today’s topic:

Topic of the Week: Activating Your Customers

There is a hysterical focus right now on escooter startups. Combined, escooter startups such as Bird and Lime, are in the process of raising over $1B in just the last several months. If you Google “Escooter, funding,” you’ll see what I mean.

It’s nuts.

In Nashville, we had Bird for about a week before the Nashville Metro Council issued a ban on escooter operators.

I had the chance to ride a Bird escooter before the ban and found it an enjoyable and convenient experience. After the ban, I witnessed about 15 Birds in the back of a pickup truck on their way to escooter jail. It was comical and a bit sad.

Last week, I received an email from Bird asking for my support to help get escooters back on the streets of Nashville. However, Bird didn’t just ask for my assistance. They provided my lazy consumer self with a straightforward means to offer support.

Bird provided a link, which when clicked, generated a pre-populated email, including email addresses of appropriate metro council recipients, subject, and body. All I had to do was click the link and hit send on the email. Here’s a tutorial for how to do this.

Whether this tactic has any impact on Metro’s decision or not, I find this to be a clever example of a company using a customer activation strategy to achieve a business goal.

Usually when you hear the phrase, “customer activation,” it’s in reference to an internal strategy to move a customer to the next point in a sales process. I’m sure some of my marketing friends out there could write books on this topic, but here’s a link to a primer on customer activation for those of you who aren’t as familiar.

Situation’s like this, where a Company activates their customers and empowers them to be an advocate, can have powerful implications when executed properly.

I thought I’d try my hand at activating my subscribers in a similar way as Bird. Today, I’d greatly appreciate your assistance in a very important and pressing matter for me: Pranking my husband.

Because emails aren’t nearly intrusive enough, when you click on the link below and then hit send, the pre-populated email will be delivered to my husband’s cell phone as a text message.

Show your support by clicking this link. (and then hitting send). [FYI this link only worked in email form]

Have a great weekend everyone!

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