It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the impending death of the ROND Report.

I know. You’re devastated.

For anyone interested in paying respects, we are accepting donations in the form of expensive wines to be delivered to Danielle O’Rourke at 40 Burton Hills Blvd, Suite 100.

Here’s what happened:

ROND is in the process of unveiling some exciting changes. In coordination with those changes, we are revamping our marketing efforts. The ROND Report is one of the victims of this overhaul.

If we are honest, for a while now the ROND Report has been less of a resource for professionals to “grow and improve their businesses” and more of a weekly outlet for me to talk about whatever the heck I want.

Try as I might, it was hard to rationalize how things like pranking my husband help ROND achieve its broader marketing goals.

So, the ROND Report must die.

BUUUUTTTTTTTT. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

I’ve had way too much fun writing this weekly newsletter to quit now. It’s been an invaluable tool to help me stay close to folks I meet and engage in fascinating conversations on topics I find interesting.

In a few weeks, the ROND Report will be reborn as a personal newsletter/blog. It will have a new name, but everything else will mostly be the same. Same weekly format, the same type of content and the same person writing it. If you’ve enjoyed the ROND Report, then there is nothing you need to do. The new one will start showing up in your inbox in a few weeks.

If you would like to opt-out of the reincarnated ROND Report, no hard feelings. Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

To everyone who sticks around, I’ll be seeing you in a few weeks.

Until then, have a great weekend.

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Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

By Danielle O'Rourke

Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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