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After last week’s ICO newsletter, I received a lot of feedback. Some positive. Some negative. Instead of sharing it all, I wanted to share one follow-up comment:

The cost of launching a legitimate ICO is nothing to scoff at. Blockchain development resources are expensive, lawyer fees to navigate regulator issues are expensive and marketing is expensive.

So, when I said “anyone can attempt to launch an ICO,” that’s true, but it does understate the cost of launching a successful ICO.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the market, even for legitimate ICOs, is highly speculative right now. If someone can lay out a rational argument against that statement, I will include it in the next newsletter and give you a chance to shamelessly promote your business.

Now, to the newslettter:

Topic of the Week: Trademark Database

In college, I interned for a city controller’s office. I learned many valuable skills that helped shape my career. My most formative responsibilities included issuing dog licenses and collecting $35 payments for minor building permits.

Glamorous stuff.

This internship also gave me an inside look at the “efficiency” levels of government offices. Spoiler alert, they are low.

Which is why, I find it particularly humorous that the resource I’m sharing today is run by a government office.

If you’ve filed a trademark application or tried naming a business recently, you may already be familiar with TESS.

TESS or The Trademark Electronic Search System is a database that allows you to search, by keyword, for existing trademarks. See link to TESS here.

I find this helpful in two ways:

1) If you are naming a new product or service, you can input proposed names and see if the trademarks are already taken.

2) If you are looking to file a trademark, you can look up a comparable businesses and leverage their goods and service description when crafting your own.

This by no means replaces the need for legal representation in IP matters, but it can help you be more informed going into the process.

Thank you to Nate Bailey at Waller for sharing this resource with me.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay dry if you’re in the southern region of the United States.

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Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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