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I didn’t have time last week with the holiday to follow-up on my Alter Work Egos post, so I wanted to do that today.

I am truly touched by how many of you reached out sharing your stories and expressing how you related to the post (both men and women).  I think we are all at various stages of being comfortable with who we are in the workplace and it’s a constant process as we are each continuously evolving and changing.

I want you to know that you can always reach out to me to chat on topics like this.  I’m happy to hash it out over coffee, a glass of wine, or correspond via email.

Now, to the newsletter.

Topic of the Week: VIP Scooters Coming to a City Near You

Bird, the electric scooter company, announced a new platform that will allow individuals to operate their own fleets of Bird scooters.  You purchase scooters from Bird, choose your brand name, and use Bird’s system and networks to manage your fleet in exchange for 20% of all ride revenue.

I’ve signed up to get notified if and when this program ever becomes available in Nashville.  I’m calling dibs now on the brand “V.I.P.”

I intend to brand my scooters with the names of prominent Nashville business people.  Each scooter will come equipped with a helmet adorned with a life-size picture of the V.I.P.’s face.

I expect VIP to become the new form of social proof and external validation.  “Who cares about a twitter checkmark, you’re nobody unless your face is on a V.I.P. scooter.” 

As I eagerly await my formal acceptance into the program, I have a few questions for Bird to make sure I can properly budget and plan my empire.

First, how often do you need to repair an electronic scooter?  Currently, Bird pays $15 a pop for the repair of scooters.  Given how used and abused these things are, I’m assuming they require service quite frequently.  Am I looking at once a month? Once a week?

Second, what is the average useful life of an electronic scooter before it goes to scooter heaven?  If I buy a scooter, how long will it be in the market before it is damaged beyond repair or stolen?

Third, what is the seasonally adjusted average revenue per scooter per day in my area?  I’m not seeing many people out on scooters lately, is this a three-season business only?

Fourth, if someone gets hit while riding one of my scooters, who is responsible? Do I need to carry special insurance? What’s that going to cost me?

Finally, who’s going to pay for ongoing lobbying dollars to ensure I retain access to permits and regulations remain favorable?

I’m sure Bird will answer all these questions in my onboarding package.  In the meantime, I’m now accepting submissions for V.I.P. and I’ll be announcing the date of the first red-carpet scooter naming ceremony soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Danielle O'Rourke

Recovering Investor. Mom. Wife.

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