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Topic of the Week: What Employees Want

In case you missed it, last week United Airlines announced plans to replace its $375 per quarter bonus program with a new lottery system. Instead of a set bonus, eligible employees will enter a lottery for a chance to win big prizes, including $100,000, Mercedes cars, and vacation packages.

This lottery would pay out about $19M in bonuses, which by most folks’ math is a substantial decrease in past annual bonus figures.  Here’s a NY Time’s article that walks through the whole situation in more detail.

I think we all know how well this went over.

The employees of Districts 3-12 revolted and the Capital, I mean, United, put this program on pause.  Upon suspending the new program, United’s President made a statement saying, “Our intention was to introduce a better, more exciting program, but we misjudged how these changes would be received by many of you.”

And there lies the crux of the issue.  United’s executive team either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about what employees want.

Regardless of occupation, seniority, or generational label, study after study indicates employees value two things above all else:   Respect and Predictability. 

Employees want to be respected by their employers, managers, and coworkers and they want predictability in their compensation and career path.

Everything else is just icing on the cake, and no amount of excitement, beer kegs or cult-like indoctrination into the mission and culture of an organization will change that.

Have a great weekend everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor. PS – In case you’re not up to speed on post-apocalyptic fiction, that was my second Hunger Games reference.  I almost went for three, but decided including “public floggings” after beer kegs, was probably pushing it.

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Danielle O'Rourke

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